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Tianz garlic is a 100% natural product and does not contain any additives. Our garlic is widely used. If you are interested in this, please feel free to contact us.


100% natural raw materials, quality guaranteed.
Tianz Garlics

Superior Garlic, Savor the Excellence.

Tianz Garlics Co., Ltd. has been established since 2006 in China, specializing in the processing of all kinds of Garlic. "Premium garlic for unparalleled flavor!" We uphold strict quality control in our manufacturing process and provide superior customer service with robust technical support. We aim to expand our global market presence, fostering mutual benefits and a bright future with international partners.

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100% Natural

Providing Fresh and High-Quality Products.

Our garlic is derived from top-quality natural sources, guaranteeing freshness and rich flavor. Grown in ideal conditions with ample sunlight, our garlic boasts a robust aroma and unmatched taste. We prioritize quality at every step, from careful selection to precise packaging, ensuring our garlic's purity and freshness. Our dedication to excellence promises an extraordinary and authentic culinary experience with every use.
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